Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic cigarettes are here to stay. They have become extremely popular within the last couple of years. Most of the electronic cigarette reviews on the internet don’t give much information, other than the information that is given on the company website of each brand. Hence most people find it difficult to select the best brand. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best electronic cigarette in the market. Flavor, style, appearance, smoking experience and vapor production are some of the most important factors in this regard. This article will try to provide an unbiased evaluation for two of the top most popular brands of e-cigarettes in the market right now.

1. Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review –

Green Smoke is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands in the market right now. It began in the year of 2008, and has risen to the zenith of popularity within this short period of time. The 2-piece “cartomizer” technology was first introduced by Green Smoke, which was an instant hit in the market, where the 3-piece technology was being used by many other e-cigarette companies. It was one of the most innovative moves that propelled Green Smoke as one of the highest quality brands of e-cigarettes and e-liquid in the market, within a very short period of time.
What You Get –

Priced at $129.97, Green Smoke’s Ultimate Kit is packed with the following items. 1 short e-cig battery, 1 long e-cig battery & one more additional battery, 2 packs of cartomizers, 1 high powered wall adapter & a car adapter, 1 USB cigarette and one black carry case.
Battery Performance –

Green Smoke also uses the lithium-ion polymer batteries like with most of the other e-cig companies. But Green Smoke has a unique proprietary design to their batteries that is in lieu with their state of the art technology. The long battery in the ultimate kit would last for about 8-9 hours of regular vaping. The short battery has a vaping time of 5-7 hours. The only difference between the two batteries is the battery life. Charging the battery is not a problem at all with the USB charger. The long battery takes 2-3 hours to charge, and the short battery takes about 1-2 hours to charge.

Cartomizer Performance –

The new line of cartomizers of Green Smoke is dubbed “FlavorMax”. Some cartomizer brands have only a lifetime of 60-80 puffs, and then the flavor drops off, leaving only the glycol flavor. But it was not so with the Green Smoke cartomizers. The famous flavor of Red Label and Mocha Mist is the most sought after flavors for Green Smoke. The flavor will linger on until the lifetime of the cartomizer is finished. The Green Smoke cartomizers usually average from 270-350 puffs per cartomizer. This is where Green Smoke is above the rest of the e-cig brands in the market.

2. Halo Triton E-Cig Review –

Halo was established in 2009, and was quickly judged as one of the best e-cigarette companies in the world. The secret to their success are the quality ingredients that they use in the products. They have been voted as one of the best brands in the market by a majority of the e-cig customers.
What You Get –

The Starter Kit costs $64.99. The Halo Triton Tank System comes with 2 manual batteries, 1 wall adapter, 1 USB adapter, 2 cartomizers, 1 steel black carrying case and 1 35mm cone.
Battery Performance –

The battery comes in 11 cool colors where you can choose one according to your preferred color. One of the battery will be 400mah and the other will be 650mah. The 650mah battery will give more battery life than the other category. The 400mah battery will average out to about 400 puffs or a 2 hour and 15 minute time, even though the last 50 puffs will not have that much of power. If you aren’t satisfied with the battery life, you have an option to order a 900mah or a 1300mah battery from Halo Triton, with your starter kit.
Cartomizer Performance –

The Halo Triton uses a tank system or what is called a clearomizer. It is super easy to refill and use. The tank can hold approximately 2.4ml of smoke juice. The tank can be refilled up to about 20 times before having to replace it. A full tank will allow you to get about 225 puffs in the process, but you should not allow the tank to run dry, or else, it could burn the wicks. This can affect the coil too. This can be avoided by refilling the tank as soon as it reaches the final 0.6ml level. This is a safe mark to keep in mind when using the Halo Triton clearomizer.
The above reviewed are two of the top most popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market right now.

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